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Ways to save thousands!


Hello technology readers!

This blog is to talk about all the fun things we can do with technology. I for one, love new and exciting technology advancements and learning about them. When I was 14, I got my first cell phone and OMG guys, I was in love! It was about the size of my palm and it opened like a book to reveal a keyboard where I could send words to someone in the blink of an eye. I thought this was the coolest. thing. EVER! I began adding all my friends to my contacts and texting my life away.

I adored cell phones so much that when I turned 24, I applied to work at Verizon Wireless. I helped folks get into the latest wireless technology. I also worked for AT&T as an Assistant Manager and helped build a sales team. After having 3 kids and trying my hand in the medical field, I came back home to technology. Thankfully, the man I met years ago, working at Verizon, is now my husband and decided to invest in this wonderful company. We are able to help so many companies save thousands on their internet and phone bills. It feels amazing to save people money. Michael and I have different views on money but one thing we agree on, is that no one should pay for more than they need, or get ripped off by companies who charge way too much money for a service. So go ahead, make my day. Give me a chance to save you money! You can call us or fill out the Contact Us page and I personally will reach out to you and get you a quote.

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