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Welcome to 343 Technologies

When it comes to technology, we have you covered. Our technology agency helps business owners take the hard work out of setting up a killer internet connection that will NEVER fail. We have Wireless backup options available so your calls never stop, your web pages load in a second, and most importantly, you keep on making money!

Whooooo are you??? (Anyone else hear ♪ "hoo hoo, hoo hoo"♪ after that?)

I'm Sarah Walters, the office manager at 343 Technologies. Welcome to my first technology blog! 343 Technologies is here to optimize your business, and my first series will focus on our big three services: Internet, Phone Systems, and Wireless.

I'm our social media guru

Most of the time I will be:

  • Creating posts

  • Writing blogs

  • Sharing new and exciting things through e-mail blasts

If I call you, it's probably to follow-up and make sure everything is JUST perfect

Also, I'll be sharing what we can do for you, so read on....

#1. INTERNET Every company must have reliable, fast internet. Since there are hundreds of different internet companies providing broadband services today, I am going to break down the

different types of internet we have available. #GoodbyeDSL #Hellohighspeed #tmobilebusiness #bestinternet

#2. PHONE SYSTEM: Since there are phone systems both on-site and remotely hosted, it's important to know which is best tailored for your business and why. We have touch screen phones like the one pictured below that will make your office look SHARP.

In later blogs I'll be speaking with business owners to discuss their experiences!

#3.WIRELESS: At 343 technologies we provide and connect your cell phones, tablets, chrome books and even hotspots. The merge of T-Mobile was a huge step into our future with wireless. Our company has a sensational representative for the State of Michigan in Andy Vanderveen, who is our direct line and service expert in T-Mobile products. He too will be joining our tech blog to give you the most current and up-to-date information in wireless.

343 Technologies is here to help your business work more efficiently and save where it counts. We are a local company providing global, state-of-the-art services. Give us a call or e-mail to get a free quote! 517-395-2244

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